All are welcome to join the Healing Mass at St. Joseph Church, Calgary on Tuesday May 9, 2017.  While all masses are healing masses, for God wants to heal you through the powerful sacrament of the Eucharist when we celebrate Mass with an intention of healing; be it physical (healing from infirmity), emotional (healing of inner emotional/psychological wounds) or spiritual (liberation from sinful tendencies be behaviours), we may expect more healing through the Eucharist.

We need to remember that the Lord wants to heal us as He did when He was in Palestine more the 2000 years ago and like then He asks us if we have faith in Him. His hands are ready to bless when we come to Him with great faith. Brief overview of what will happen:

  • We start with the Mass at 7 pm. With a bit longer homily the Mass should end around 7.45pm.
  • Then, Fr. Yarek will expose the Blessed Sacrament and will lead us in praise, worship and healing prayer.
  • Afterwards he will come with the monstrance closer to the people to give them a benediction. After the final benediction those who wish to receive a short individual blessing by laying on of hands may come up to the father.
  • We should end the event around 9pm.

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