The Social Committee helps to promote a welcoming, receptive and active social environment in the parish by planning and implementing various social events, celebrations and activities occurring at the parish. The Social Committee Member assists in the planning and organization of these events.

Here are some of the responsibilities of a social committee member:

  • Is available for meetings to discuss and plan the various social events occurring at the parish.Assists in organizing the various aspects of a scheduled social event which may include: arranging catering orders, food preparation, hall reservations, selling tickets, etc.
  • Is available for set-up and clean-up of parish halls during scheduled events.
  • Orders various supplies, materials and other items as required.
  • Is present to perform various activities during the event and/or celebration which may include: serving food, preparing games, arranging for prizes and raffle items, etc.

If a member of St. Joseph Parish wishes to become a social committee member, they must fulfill certain criteria before they join the ministry:

  • Baptized and registered in this parish, and in good standing with the Catholic Church.
  • Have completed the process of volunteer screening, and signed the Model Code of Conduct form, in order to assist in developing and implementing uniform diocesan guidelines for appropriate behaviour for all religious and lay persons involved in ministries and other activities.
  • Friendly, patient, possess the spirit of generosity and creativity and willing to serve the community and commit your time and talent to the scheduled parish social events.

To register, please contact Social Committee coordinator: Richard Sordi at 403-289-2591 or contact the Parish Office.

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