Mass is the central prayer and liturgical activity of the Catholic faith community. Altar Servers assist the assembly by presenting/arranging items used in liturgical celebrations. They reverently and efficiently enable other ministers to attend to their own roles. Since they are visible to all, the Altar Server also models good liturgical participation. Have your children learn to participate fully as a member of the liturgical assembly, has the maturity to exercise his/her ministry with proper behaviour and attention, and wants to grow in appreciation of the rites which they help the community to celebrate? Consider joining the Altar Server ministry.

Altar Server Responsibilities 

  • Exhibits responsibility by serving when scheduled and taking part in rehearsals
  • Takes care of items used in liturgies, including cross, candles, incense, sacramentary, etc.
  • Assists in preparing the altar before the presentation of the gifts
  • Responds to special circumstances that may arise during liturgies
  • Performs tasks with dignity and participates fully as an exemplary member of the assembly

If a member of St. Joseph Parish wishes to become an Altar Server, they must fulfill certain criteria before they are commissioned:

  • Baptized, has received First Communion and registered in this parish.
  • Have completed the process of volunteer screening, and signed the Model Code of Conduct form, in order to assist in developing and implementing uniform diocesan guidelines for appropriate behaviour for all religious and lay persons involved in ministries and other activities.
  • Availability to attend yearly lector workshop/training (usually held in September).

To register, please contact Andrew ross or Fr. Yarek Dziuba at 403-289-2591.


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