Who Can Serve as a Minister of the Word?

  • According to the ancient tradition and the teaching of the Church, the proclamation of the readings apart from the Gospel is ministerial not presidential. Therefore, the readings are proclaimed by a lay minister and the Gospel by the Deacon, or in his absence, by a priest. (IL #51; GIRM #59)
  • The use of two readers – one for each reading – is encouraged. The parish community should strive for enough trained lectors to fulfill this goal (IL #52)
  • Effective proclamation involves the delivery of the message with clarity, conviction and appropriate pace. The Word of God is not merely read, it is proclaimed. Proclamation ministry presupposes faith and rouses faith in those who hear the word proclaimed
  • All liturgical ministers, especially the Ministers of the Word, must be properly trained for their ministry. The lector requires skill in public reading, knowledge for the principles of liturgy, and an understanding and love of the scriptures. Normally, only properly trained and commissioned lectors are scheduled for liturgy (IL #55).
  • Readers are baptized Christians whose lives witness to the Word in which they proclaim. On some occasion, with a proper training, a young person who is not yet fully initiated may serve as a reader during a liturgy.

If a member of St. Joseph Parish wishes to become a Lector, they must fulfill certain criteria before they are commissioned:

  • Baptized and registered in this parish, and in good standing with the Catholic Church.
  • Have completed the process of volunteer screening, and signed the Model Code of Conduct form, in order to assist in developing and implementing uniform diocesan guidelines for appropriate behaviour for all religious and lay persons involved in ministries and other activities.
  • Availability to attend yearly lector workshop/training (usually held in September).

Please read:

To register, please contact Lector Coordinator: Graham LeGeyt
or the Parish Office at 403-289-2591





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