Catholics believe that death is the entrance into eternity.  Thus, there is great value in prayer for the deceased, and reverence for the body which remains.  The sense of mystery and sacredness which surround the end of earthly life are all reflected in the Church’s care for the deceased and the family and community that survives them.

At the centre of our Catholic beliefs about death is the paschal mystery of Christ, that mystery which includes life here and hereafter and our own hope of resurrection. Therefore the actions of a Catholic community when one of its members dies must as clearly as possible proclaim this central mystery. Particularly is this true when the community gathers to pray for the deceased and to support with its faith, hope, and love the grieving family and friends.

Who should I contact when planning a funeral?

  • Contact the Funeral Home where arrangements have been made.
  • Speak to our pastor(s). Contact St. Joseph’s Parish at (403-289-2591) to make an appointment. Our priest will help you plan the funeral liturgy (liturgies, readings etc.).
  • Contact Music Director of St. Joseph’s parish to determine music during the funeral (403-289-2591).